Sunday, October 7, 2007

THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE - James Stevens - "Opening Credits" (1967)

According to the IMDB, James Stevens was the uncredited composer for stock music for "Plan Nine From Outer Space," so what else is there to say? The man is instantly enshrined forever in the horror hall of fame, even if he hadn't done the 1955 Swedish documentary, "Among The Headhunters." The music from the opening credits of "They Came From Beyond Space," is just so smart. You think you've heard it all, & then someone throws you a curve ball from outer space, and Bam, all of a sudden, some guy's got a colander on his head! Don't forget, they didn't just come from space, they came from BEYOND space, & that's a really, really long ways out there, dude! No wonder "The Gods Hate Kansas!" Oh yeah, the extra bonus in this movie is Michael Gough as "The Master Of The Moon."
Beyond Space Is Really Far Out

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Greg Goodsell said...

Michael Gough had to make rent that week!

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Monster Music
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