Monday, October 22, 2007

THE GHOST IN THE INVISIBLE BIKINI - Quinn O'Hara/Piccola Pupa - "Fight Songs" (1966)

"The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini" is a story about conflicts, and as such, reminds us greatly of Tolstoy's "War And Peace," only in technicolor! The basic struggles of the Proletariat are defined in musical strokes of genius by the characters of Piccola Pupa & Quinn O'Hara in their opposing thoughts. Shall we the people, "Stand Up And Fight?" or shall we give up and give in and "Don't Try To Fight It Baby." The choices are clear, the decision is yours, to rent or to buy??Don't Try To Fight It, Baby

Stand Up And Fight


Greg Goodsell said...

Beach party movies remind me of the late Sixties when there was nothing good on the TV.

Unknown said...

Pupa was and I am sure that she still is a joy to watch and listen to.

Monster Music

Monster Music
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