Sunday, October 28, 2007

THE BLOODY BROOD - Harry Freedman - "Main Theme" (1959)

There's a very fine line sometimes between Monster movies & JD/Crime flicks, but the general rule in defining genres usually seems to be, if there's a bonafide Psycho involved, that will make the plot just twisted enough to qualify as a Monster you get some titles like "Bucket Of Blood," "Anatomy Of A Psycho" etc, or in this case, "The Bloody Brood." These hip punks are a real gang of mental monsters led by none other than Peter Falk, who was, by my reckoning, 32 when this film was made. Seems like film makers in the 50's had a lot of trouble defining the 'Beat' generation! They manage to get some of the lingo straight, they remember to use a lot of bongos, and beat poetry, but the characters generally seem overly outrageous, & very rarely dressed properly. Okay, here's the deal, Beatniks should look like Maynard G. Krebs, period. Sweatshirt & tennies, no suits, man, that's for squares, you dig?!!!
Harry Freedman provides us with a soundtrack a lot hipper than the people in the movie, but just as sinister! Here's The Bloody Brood

It was interesting how she just slid up there like a seal or a dolphin to get that drink!

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Greg Goodsell said...

This is one fo the few good movies to ever come out of the Great White North!

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Monster Music
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