Saturday, October 20, 2007

IL MOSTRO DI VENEZIA (The Embalmer) - Jti Janne - "The Medium" (1965)

Well, if you weren't waiting for this one, it could only be because you didn't know about it. Either way, now you do, so the wait's over! So now we're in a weird little club, acolytes set the scene, coffin opens, "it's a guitar!" And here he is, .....Jti Janne! This dude might look a little like Elvis, but that's where the musical resemblance ends. "Pretty different?", I guess!! Meanwhile, The Embalmer's going around doing you know what to all the local girls! Cool and crazy, crazy and cool!!
Embalmer Elvis


Greg Goodsell said...

This looks like a depressing film .....

Unknown said...

bloody awful film! with just enough of these wonderful moments of eccentricity to keep you awake. also check out the awesome dancing from the gangly archaeologist.

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