Saturday, October 27, 2007

HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM - Gerard Schurmann - "Guillotine Scene" (1959)

Seems like more than ever, everyone's trying to get ahead in this world, like a bunch of crabs in a barrel all scratching and pulling each other back down in an effort to get to the top. It's been that way for years, & especially in the movies. In this wild scene from "Horrors Of The Black Museum," not only are the weirdos trying to get to the top, they are also literally trying to get a Head! Portable guillotines are pretty effective tools no doubt! Man, that was brutal for 1959, and Michael Gough, although not in this scene, is tremendously sinister the whole rest of the film!
Plan Ahead

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Greg Goodsell said...

Along with PEEPING TOM and CIRCUS OF HORRORS, this flick is STILL creepy after all these years.

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