Thursday, October 18, 2007

THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS - Fred Katz - "Main Title" (1960)

There's nothing we could possibly say about "Little Shop Of Horrors" that would be new or unique, but it does have to be included on this list anyway. More brilliant music from Fred Katz & Ron Stein, & amazing performances by Jonathan Haze, Dick Miller & Jack Nicholson!
Now if you try to trace the history of "People Eaters" through time, you will only have to go back a couple of years, & not have to use a whole lot of imagination to remember in 1958 there was a quite famous purple "People Eater," that was created by the masterful Sheb Wooley, who also recorded by the name of Ben Colder, singing parody covers of other people's hit songs. Do you remember "Hello Walls # 2" where the guy comes in home drunk & goes into the neighbor's house & can't recognize anything? Same guy wrote & sang "Purple People Eater." Bang, two years later, more "People Eater" history is made with "The Passionate People Eater," AKA, "The Little Shop Of Horrors." Coincidence? I doubt it!
People Eater


Greg Goodsell said...

I like it when the buds open and they're the heads of all the victims, and the two preppy girls say "Now this will look really great for our prom!"

Douglas McEwan said...

I've known Fred Katz slightly for 40 years. His son is a friend still, and his daughter Joycee, a very funny actress, was a dear friend of mine for many decades. Sadly, she passed away last year (smoking), but Fred is still alive and well, and even still performs a bit. Joycee would blow me away talking about the time her dad did an album with Harpo Marx, how, when she was little girl, Harpo actually ate dinner with them at their house. I can never get over my jealousy of THAT!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

We're jealous over that too, and even more jealous that you know the Katz family! So many cool people, so little time!

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