Wednesday, October 3, 2007

DIE NACKTE UND DER SATAN (The Head) - Jacques Lasry/Willy Mattes - "Opening Credits" (1959)

The music from the opening credits of this 1959 German film is some very odd distorted organ & percussion. It gets jazzier as the film progresses, but this piece stands alone as just weird. Composer Willy Mattes also did the music for "The Horrors Of Spider Island" & a hoard of other films. Jacques Lasry only worked on a couple of other movies for some reason. This movie always gave me the creeps, I think it was something about machine manipulated disembodied fatheads that was a bit disturbing, & this music sure didn't give much comfort! Freak Out in the darkness, it's the night of the devil!!
The Head

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Greg Goodsell said...

What some people will do -- to get a head! That's a lame joke, but it's not the obvious obscene one that would wind up getting deleted instead.

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Monster Music
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