Wednesday, October 3, 2007

HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM - Gerard Schurmann - "Jukebox Scene" (1959)

June Cunningham as Joan Berkley in "Horrors Of The Black Museum" is a Very striking gal, and she's had some great parts in the movies over the years, besides Joan(who actually had a last name) she portrayed Rita, Joy, Alice, Rosie, Evie & Jean, and let's not forget Marlene & Annette, & I'm sure she was grand in each and every role. The basic Hollywood 3-B rule from 1959 was this, Buxom, Beautiful or Blonde, and if you could do 2 out of 3, you were in. June succeeded immensely! Here's a snappy little tune by Gerard Schurmann, who, also composed the music for "Konga" & "The Headless Ghost." This very cool tune is most likely a cha-cha or mambo, a random song off the jukebox. A large bonus of some jukebox scenes in the movies, is women dancing, and June/Joan is really showing off in this scene for the guys in the bar! 1959, Blonde, Red Dress, Yeah! This is another classic film well worth renting for that upcoming Halloween party, but watch out for those ice tongs! Ouch!!! Not to forget, kudos to Michael Gough, one of the evilest nice guys to ever grace the planet! Cheers Michael and June!
Joan/June Jukebox

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Greg Goodsell said...

When this was shown on Fright Night, Larry "Seymour" Vincent quipped after Michael Gough killed the old boddy with the ice tongs, "Now that's one way to handle a frigid woman!"

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