Friday, October 12, 2007

SEDDOK, L'EREDE DI SATANA (Atom Age Vampire) - Armando Trovajoli - "Opening Credits" (1960)

Just reading the list of films that Armando Trovajoli composed the music for made my head start spinning. Some people are so productive, this cat was composing music for 5 to 10 films a year since 1953! There was a whole bunch of Hercules films, & an assortment of other titles & genres. Besides "Atom Age Vampire," there was "My Uncle The Vampire," "Little Girls And High Finance," "Werewolf In A Girl's Dormitory," "Planets Around Us," one of the first films ever to feature cyborgs, and a few 100 other titles! Hoist your glasses high, for a toast to Armando! Grazie!Atom Age Vampire
Here's the opening credits from "Atom Age Vampire" coupled up with another short little musical scene. The credits start out fully orchestrated & sappy with church bells chiming, then the sleazy sax kicks in & takes it to another level.

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Greg Goodsell said...

This one freaked me out as a kid.

Monster Music

Monster Music
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