Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NIGHT FRIGHT - The Wildcats" "Night Fright Medley" (1967)

The movie "Night Fright" from 1967, has a band called The Wildcats playing pretty much through the whole thing. Here's a medley of a few of these not exactly wild, mundane, but engagingly provocative moments! It gets pretty good, they really start digging out at the end! This is funny, this film was released for TV as "Fright Night."


Greg Goodsell said...

For years, I thought this sleep-inducer was a Larry Buchanan number forced out under a different name -- it isn't!

THE LAST HERO 1 said...

i love the instrumentals done for this film by ''THE WILD CATS''. 100% pure 60s charm. it added alot to this tv movie. i think its very enjoyable/fun & deserves a better reputation than its been given. i recommend it to all JOHN AGAR fans as well as CULT CLASSIC enthusiasts. NIGHT FRIGHT [1967] is very cool!

DougOBrien said...

I was the Lead Guitar Player in the Wildcats. We had previously played and appeared in "Fulfillment, Something Worth Remembering" filmed in Houston. Chris Trussel did the music for both films and had us record the songs after the film had been shot. The scene at the lake with the kids dancing was shown to us so we could make up a song that would fit. We are one of the few garage bands that have two movie credits.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Hey Doug,
One of the coolest things about doing this blog is when people that were actually involved with a project drop in and add some details! Thanx!

Anonymous said...

I like it because it has John Agar in it. Not so much for his acting as for the fact he was a personal friend of mine. But this movie is fun.,,, Sledgehammer

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