Monday, August 6, 2007

EEGAH! - Arch Hall & The Archers - "Brownsville Road" (1962)

It's 1962, you live in the desert, and there's a big caveman clomping around, but you got a gig; what are you gonna do? ROCK ON, that's what, if you're Arch Hall & The Archers. There are no other options. From "Eegah!," it's "Brownsville Road," one smokin' Hot number for you to enjoy! Are you dying to see this movie yet, it can be arranged!! Eegah!!!!!!

Brownsville Road


flinty said...

Hi, I cant believe that no one has left any comments yet! What a fantastic blog and brilliant posts, ive enjoyed them all..any chance that the ones that have been removed will be put up again?take care and keep on keeping on..

Eegah!!! & Tabonga!! said...

Our Man Flinty,
Thanx for the great compliment, but as far as we know, nothing has been removed. All 55 posts sould be firmly in place!!!

Eegah!!! & Tabonga!! said...

Hey Flinty,
I stand corrected. You were right, we found 4 dead links. I guess some one doesn't want us promoting this stuff because the links had been manipulated some how. It's all fixed again now, thanks again for the heads up info!!

Anonymous said...

Well thank you for your time and effort, and yes, what a great film the Night Caller is..thanks for fixing the links, now I can ride around on the giant moths back and sing along with the sisters..cheers, flinty

Eegah!!! & Tabonga!! said...

Thanx again Flinty, who knows how long that would have gone on if you had not alerted us. We'll see what happens now. Fly on!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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