Tuesday, August 14, 2007

THE FLESH EATERS - Julian Stein - "Here's Omar" (1964)

"What is it, a Martian Hymn?" Yes, that is the question, & only Ray Tudor as Omar, or The Geek have the answer, and they don't appear to be talkin'! The music for "The Flesh Eaters" was done by yet another Stein, Julian this time, and what a cool & sleazy classic it is. We always knew this movie was extra strange, well, try & find out more information about Ray Tudor or Julian Stein. It appears that this movie is about all they ever did. Ray Tudor is credited in one other biker film, "The Sidehackers", but other than that, these people have slipped off the radar as far as we can tell. Omar was a great beatnik character, right up there with Maynard as far as Cool goes! Questions, questions! "Where's the love Mac?"


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Greg Goodsell said...

This guy above looks ... funky.

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