Thursday, August 23, 2007


All right, all links reposted and tested and everything is in perfect working order as long as we don't exceed our bandwidth again, but still have got to find a better place to host the songs. Should still be able to provide a couple more new tunes before the night is over. This is probably about the half way point down this internet musical highway, because we're not sure if we can find more than about 160 songs that fit into the format we're set up, maybe if we're real lucky, we might make it to 200, but be prepared, it will end some time. Thanks for all the encouragement! And after getting all that done, I found out that my pal, the guy who inspired us to do this blog, Reverend Tom Frost, is living on the street. Now we're talking some serious injustice here & it's kind of a new little dark cloud hanging over all our heads, and has taken some of the fun out of this whole deal. Good luck Tom!!

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derek said...

it's a shame about the rev-just read it on his blog. D'ya know what happened?

Monster Music

Monster Music
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