Thursday, August 16, 2007

BIJO TO EKITAININGEN (The H-Man) - Masaru Satô - "At The Club" (1958)

You know there's a lot of people who ask us, Eegah!! & Tabonga!, why ARE you doing this? Are you insane?? And we must admit, we probably are, because nobody has really been asking us anything, it's just the voices and the music in our collective heads that we hear. So, while we're on the subject of insanity, here's another super hip jazz number from one of the "club" scenes in "The H-Man." Composed by Masaru Satô, this little tune is way too cool, and totally insane, once again with the twin saxes that just won't quit! Killer!! just wish it was a lot longer!!

At The Club

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Greg Goodsell said...

My favorite phrase in Japanese is "Sukeban Deka," which roughly tranlsated means "tough school girl."

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