Saturday, August 4, 2007

MISSION MARS - The Forum Quorum/Berge Kalajian - "Mission Mars Mix" (1968)

It's a 'Monsterpiece!' "Mission Mars" had such incredible music from start to finish, we're providing a 7 1/2 minute mix from start to finish that will astound anybody guaranteed! The young band that was making the music was called "The Forum Quorum." The writing credits go to Berge Kalajian, but I think the "Forum" were just cranking this stuff. Some of the best 1968 has to offer!! It's a "Mission Mars Mix" or maybe a better title would be "Remission Mars." Do yourself a favor, & go out & buy or rent this movie! It will fill that big gap you're feeling in your life!!! And while you're at it, buy a bunch of stuff by "The Forum Quorum!!"

Mission Mars


Buzz said...

WOW! All your posts are great and I'm really diggin' your site, but the MISSION MARS Mix is really primo! You've distilled down the audio essence of not just this movie but virtually every 1950s/early 60s sci-fi film into seven great minutes!

Keep up the good work -- I'm glad somebody finally decided to do something like this!

Eegah!!! & Tabonga!! said...

You're comment was perfect. People like you are the target, glad you found us. "Mission Mars Mix" is going to be a hard act to follow, but we're going to try!!

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that Berge Kalajian DID write the music.

Brian Albano / Forum Quorum said...

The soundtrack for "Mission: Mars"
was composed and recorded by Berge
Kalajian; Gus Pardalis and The
Forum Quorum.
-- Brian Albano --
(The Forum Quorum)

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Hey Brian, thanx for dropping in and setting it straight! We're only as good as the info we can dredge up and it's not always clear, unless it comes from the actual source like you! Great music by the way!!!

Unknown said...

I am looking for biographical information about Berge Kalajian for a project.

Beth Whitaker said...

I am looking for biographical information about Berge Kalajian for a project. Any info? Thanks.

EEGAH!! said...

Sorry, but can't provide any more information that what you read here. We're always on info quests too, so good luck!

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