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A BUCKET OF BLOOD - Alex Hassilev - "Murderer" (1959)

Almost out of "A Bucket Of Blood" material, but not quite yet. Here's the truthfully poignant folk song about a "Murderer" that plays when Walter is prompted for info on his next work of art. The expressions in the photos on Anthony Carbone's face are priceless, to say the least, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, do yourself and your family a favor & get yourself a copy of one of THE most interesting films EVER made, "A Bucket Of Blood." This song is sung by Alex Hassilev, one of the original members of the ultra famous folk group, "The Limeliters," and is a real hoot!!

Alex Hassilev - Murderer


Greg Goodsell said...

Believe it or not, this was remade in the Nineties as THE DEATH ARTIST with ex-brat packer Anthony Michael Hall! The only good thing about that film is a surprise cameo from Laugh-In's resident queen Alan Sues!

IFeedPigeons said...

The song you are referring to as "Murderer" is in fact entitled
"The Ballad of Tim Evans," by Ewan MacColl.

In the mid fifties in England, Mr. Evans, a very dim-witted labourer, was unjustly convicted of the murder of his wife and their baby daughter. After he was hanged, the true murderer surfaced (it was John Christie, the Evans's landlord), who had also killed scores of women, the bodies of which were found all over his property. A good film was made about it called "10 Rillington Place" w/John Hurt as Tim Evans. I do think the song is both meaningful and well-placed in "Bucket of Blood," (incidently, Bucket is in my top 20 favorite movies of all time - Carbone was indeed hilarious), but is in no way lighthearted. Here are the lyrics in full:

Tim Evans was a prisoner,
Fast in his prison cell
And those who read about his crimes,
They damned his soul to hell,
Sayin', "Go down, you murderer, go down."

For the murder of his own dear wife
And the killing of his own child
The jury found him guilty
And the hangin' judge, he smiled.
Sayin', "Go down, you murderer, go down."

Tim Evans pleaded innocent
And he swore by Him on high,
That he never killed his own dear wife
Nor caused his child to die.
Sayin', "Go down, you murderer, go down."

The governor came in one day
And the chaplain by his side,
Said, "Your appeal has been turned down,
Prepare yourself to die."
Sayin', "Go down, you murderer, go down."

They moved him out of C-block
To his final flowery dell,
And day and night two screws were there
And they never left his cell.
Sayin', "Go down, you murderer, go down."

Sometimes they played draughts with him
And solo and pontoon,
To stop him brooding on the rope
That was to be his doom.
Sayin', "Go down, you murderer, go down."

They brought his grub in on a tray,
There was eggs and meat and ham,
And all the snout that he could smoke
Was there at his command.
Sayin', "Go down, you murderer, go down."

Tim Evans walked in the prison yard
And the screws, they walked behind;
And he saw the sky above the wall
But he knew no peace of mind.
Sayin', "Go down, you murderer, go down."

They came for him at eight o'clock
And the chaplain read a prayer
And then they marched him to that place
Where the hangman did prepare.
Sayin', "Go down, you murderer, go down."

The rope was fixed around his neck
And a washer behind his ear.
The prison bell was tolling
But Tim Evans did not hear.
Sayin', "Go down, you murderer, go down."

A thousand lags were cursing
And a-banging on the doors;
But Evans couldn't hear them,
He was deaf for ever more.
Sayin', "Go down, you murderer, go down."

They sent Tim Evans to the drop
For a crime he did not do.
It was Christy was the murderer
And the judge and jury too.
Sayin', "Go down, you murderers, go down."


Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx Allison for the full lyrics to the Tim Evan's song, the more accurate the complete musical history is, the better off we are all!! Thanx again!

Anonymous said...

No thanks are necessary - I feel the same way you do - the more info you have on a movie, the richer the experience. LONG LIVE LEONARD DE SANTIS!

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