Thursday, August 30, 2007

THE LOST MISSILE - Fred Engelberg - "My Cousin Says Go Go Go" (1958)

It's Friday again and here it is already, our 100th post. It's a super special one time celebration kind of deal. We never planned on using videos, but just this one time! Here's something, we're sure you're only going to hear or see right here first, a small scene from "The Lost Missile" from 1958, where this guy played by Fred Engelberg is on TV singing a folk song & they need to break in for a public service announcement. This song is great, but it's so short you should just watch it over and over until you think you fully understand the deep meaning within! A big Thanx to everybody who has taken the time to drop a comment, it's always appreciated, "So keep your faith!" Here's the video and the audio file!

Go Go Go


flinty said...

well ok! heres to the next 100 posts. Your choices are brilliant as always......thanks so much for the hard work and time you put in. cheers, flinty

Anonymous said...

Great song by Fred. He looks and sounds fabulous.

A long time fan and admirer

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