Monday, August 13, 2007

GHOST OF DRAGSTRIP HOLLOW - Elaine Dupont/Sanita Pelkey/Judy Howard - "He's My Guy" (1959)

Here's an insidious little number from "Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow," where the girls, Sanita Pelkey, Elaine Dupont & Judy Howard take center stage for the vocals, with The Renegades providing the backup music. The song is called "He's My Guy" & is guaranteed to make you want to go hang yourself after a couple of listens. You can buy the DVD online or you can get some rope at your local hardware store. Your choice!

He's My Guy

Here's Tabonga's Wallpaper tribute to Sanita in "Missile To The Moon!"

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Greg Goodsell said...

Hanging myself? What about the path offered by the poetess Sylvia Plath, sticking your head in an oven?

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Monster Music
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