Friday, August 17, 2007

THE DEVIL'S HAND - Allyn Ferguson/Manuel Francisco - "The Opening Credits" (1962)

It's Friday Night so it's time to rock and roll, and In our humble opinion, here's one of THE best songs ever to play during an opening credits sequence of any movie, period! A great surf type instrumental with sax, right in line with some of The Rumblers best grooves. This movie also had Tony Rock in it and the director was William Hole, the same guy that directed "Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow." It's "The Devil's Hand" by Allyn Ferguson & Manuel Francisco. Allyn Ferguson went on to to compose music for a whole lot of TV shows, including 3 Monkees episodes, The Everly Brothers Show, Charlie's Angels, and a horde of TV movies in the 70's & 80's. By all means, go out and get yourself a copy of "The Devil's Hand!"


Greg Goodsell said...

Let's mix a cocktail and consider the ambience of this particular nightclub .....

Anonymous said...

Even more impressive.... Babe in it is at least 39 y.o. n is smoking.
Ms average playing sick gf is actually little sis of cutie

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Monster Music
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