Tuesday, August 14, 2007

DEMENTIA 13 - Ron Stein & Les Baxter - " John Dies" (1963)

Now we have no idea who is singing the song in the background during the opening of "Dementia 13," but it's a extremely cool and rockin' little tune. Musical credits for the movie go to Ron Stein & Les Baxter, but who's singing that song? If Francis Ford Coppola would like to let us know, please just leave the info in the comments section, thanx! You gotta love the part in the end when John's wife throws the radio in the water! We salvaged it for you, but you still really need to see this movie!

John Dies


Greg Goodsell said...

This is a creepy little prologue that lets the viewer now that this film is not standard operational.

Anonymous said...

Have extensivly searched all over Google, etc. Cannot find anything pertaining to the opening Rockabilly tune played on the radio when John has heart attack in the boat. Can only figure it was [made up] by Ronald Stein the music director as a faux "Gene Vincent" or "Elvis" rockabilly type parody. A lot of people would really like to know...

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