Monday, October 5, 2020


Sorry to say kids, today you get a razor blade in your candy! In this creepy Euro tale, an old hotel is being renovated, unfortunately, it was built on top of  the door to... THE BEYOND! The woman who is heir to the estate starts noticing very strange things going on....

Like, this hole in the wall in the basement, it's filled the place up with three feet of mucky water, so a plumber is brought in to fix whatever, just fix it please!

The plumber is up to his knees in the sludge when he notices a new hole open up in the wall. He's dumbfounded by the  whole thing and closes in for a better look, when... A hand with claws reaches out and grabs his face!! Oh yeah, it pops out an eye for good measure!

Are you enjoying that first bite of candy yet?

Well, they can't find the plumber, but they do find a rotting corpse floating in the filthy basement water. It's taken to a lab for analysis. The doctor there thought he saw a sign of life on his monitor before leaving the room.

After the doctor exits, a bottle of acid tips over and starts spilling out on a female corpse there. The skin melts off her face, revealing some slimy ghoulish creature!

Foam from her skin becomes a BLOB-like mass that chases a little girl!

The girl opens a door only to find these things in there! Don't know how, but she gets away, they cut before you know what happens.

A little break with some cool jazz and a cold drink, wish you were here!..

Here's another bite of that candy, the plumber comes out of hiding, finds one of the women screwing around in the basement and ends up ramming her head through a steel rod! And, one of her eyes pops out!

The story's more involved than I'm willing to spend time on, but, here are two of the creeps from The Beyond, they are here for one reason, to bring the blind girl back! That's right, BACK. Because, she's actually one of them.

She pleads but her pet dog chews her neck apart! I guess you have to die to go back?

Our stars barely make it out of the hotel before all the undead come alive there, the place is literally crawling with them!

They go to the hospital only to find everyone there is a zombie...

After firing off about twenty five shots (there's no clip), this is the last bullet our guy has left, he grabs his girl and they head back to the hotel...

They are inside in the underbelly of the hotel, when, the whole goddamn place crumbles to the ground. There are strange sights and weird sounds coming from the wasteland full of dead bodies, leading to only one conclusion...

They are in... THE BEYOND!!

Now, they get to be the blind ones. Hope this isn't US in a month! Now, the only question is, what in the heck kinda treat are we going to get on Wednesday when Eegah!! returns with the goods? Here at The Dungeon!!..

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