Monday, October 12, 2020


At one point, Walt Disney lost the rights to Oswald The Rabbit, so, came up with Mickey Mouse to compete against Universal Studios!

Here's a fun Halloween Countdown cartoon fer you'se aul... In this story, Oswald owns a wax museum! I guess he IS lucky! On a dark and stormy night someone rings the doorbell and dashes away. Oswald finds a basket on the step, and when he discovers a baby under the covers, he doesn't have much choice and brings the basket inside.

Oswald ain't too happy about the whole arrangement...

The little rabbit has lots of wax characters from history.

And operas, although, Groucho shows up in this scene to steal Juliet from Romeo!

There's even a fan dancer that gets the attention of The Thinker and the little stinker!

And wouldn't you know it, there's a horror chamber to liven things up!

The Hunchback snags the baby and introduces him to the other monsters in the chamber.

Here's good old Dracula to make you quiver!

The Frankenstein Monster eyeballs the little kid.

And the Mummy, Mr. Hyde, Bluebeard... They're all here!

Oh yeah, it's easy to miss the Invisible Man!

As the baby hides from the monsters, a candle ignites a blow torch and melts Mr. Hyde. That gives the little guy an idea and he chases the frightened figures around until the Invisible Man grabs the torch away from him.

Oswald, who was sleeping, hears the commotion and runs to the baby's side, but the little guy's been encased in wax. Then Oswald finds out, HE'S NEXT!

The oldest trick in the book, Oswald was just having a bad dream, although, he does get some hot wax in the mush from a candle the kid's holding! We're back on Wednesday to continue the Halloween insanity, here at The Dungeon!!..


Randall Landers said...

Sadly. the kids of today only know Oswald as a scene from a FAMILY GUY episode. :(

KD said...

I don't remember ever seeing Oswald when I was a kid...and I thought I had seen pretty much ALL of the old cartoons. This looks delightful! I'm a Lantz fan from Woody, too. My old brain is like, "No room for more old stuff, K!" ;)

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