Friday, October 9, 2020

MERRIE MELODIES / "Transylvania 6-5000" - 1963

Bugs is burrowing underground, looking for that illusive Albuquerque, and ends up in Transylvania for another whacky adventure. Directed by Chuck Jones and Maurice Noble.

As Bugs digs away, he runs head first into a mangled old tree. He looks up and notices that he's now in Pittsburghe, Transylvania. Guess he missed his mark by a lot!

He starts wandering up a hill where there's an old castle that looks like a good place to stay the night...

He pulls the noose and the coffin-shaped door creakily opens up for him. Notice the skull hanging there, it's a wind chime!

Once inside, Bugs is greeted by Count Bloodcount, who seems to be an interesting kind of guy. And, he invites our little buddy to spend the night there...

Bugs walks past this weird piano with sharp teeth and claws, with a portrait of 'Mother' hanging on the wall.

The Count shows Bugs to his room, it's confirmed, there's something devilish going on!

As Bugs walks down the hall to his room, he sees these pictures hanging there.

In his room, Bugs can't sleep so he grabs a book to read. He chooses one on magic words and phrases, sounds informative...

As Bugs starts reading, the Count comes a-creepin'. He reads the first magic word, 'abracadabra,' and the vampire changes into a funny looking little bat! Bugs shoos it away.

The Count flies out the window just as Bugs reads the second magic phrase, 'hocus-pocus,' he changes back to human form, and falls to the ground on his face!

Throughout the story is this 2-headed buzzard, Agatha and Emily, what end up amorously chasing a 2-headed male buzzard.

Bugs is obsessed with the two words and just walks around repeating them. At one point, the Count is turned into that pesky bat again and gets sprayed with pesticide!

In a cycle of not learning a lesson, the Count gets caught in a loop of, when he's ready to drop a huge stone on Bugs, he hears the word, 'abracadabra,' and turns into the bat only to get crushed, then hears the words 'hocus-pocus' only to return as a dazed and beat up vampire.

Anyway, Bugs wants to go home and calls an airline to purchase a ticket. As he's talking on the phone, he says, 'abracapocus' and his ears change into bat wings!! He cancels the ticket.
He flies off into the moonlight like a good little bunny... So, I'll be back Monday with another treat for you, until then, you'll have to deal with Eegah!! tomorrow, here at The Dungeon!!..


KD said...

I lived for several years in the "Pittsburghe" area, worked right in the downtown "Golden Triangle" area (used to have some "adult" theatres in that area, which is another kind of Golden Triangle, but that's another story). Now they call themselves "Yinzers" because of the unique verbal expressions like, "What are YINZ guys doing over there?" and "Where do YINZ want me to park my car?" etc. Kind of the Pennsylvania version of Y'ALL.

Anyway, love these WB toons!

Bob Johns said...

I absolutely love this cartoon.

Randall Landers said...

Definitely one of my favorite cartoons!

I happen to live in Lexington KY these days, only a few miles from Transylvania University. I want to film there. LOL

Chelsea said...

I don't think I've ever seen this Bugs Bunny episode. Looks fun. I'm going to have to hunt it down!

KD said...

Transylvania University!? Go for it, Randall!!! :D

(I wonder what they teach there? Hmm... ;)

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