Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Almost there kiddies, so here's a very cool Weirdo Wednesday Countdown To Halloween presentation for you from 1998.

As far as Halloween episodes of TV shows go, this 9th episode of "Psi Factor" IS a good one!

Just to start with,"Psi Factor" is hosted by Mr. Ghostbuster himself, Dan Aykroyd, and was created and written by Dan's younger brother Peter Aykroyd!

Some shows it's hard to tell, but there is no doubt that this is a Halloween episode!

It all starts off innocently enough with just some regular jack-o-lantern carving!

Luckily this is just the young lady's boyfriend!!

Her mask is interesting.

Then the carving takes a turn for the worst, and it all gets real and ugly fast, but no, her boyfriend didn't do it!

Now they have both become victims, and their faces have been removed! It's pretty grisly for a TV show!

The kicker is this murder is just like one in this book! Coincidence? Not likely!

The Halloween decorations are great through the whole story!

The next person who gets slaughtered is the clown that runs this mask and costume shop, and yep, it's just like in the book again!

Oh boy, the killer keeps the faces and makes them into masks!

Now we get to the fun part! Big kudos to the casting director for choosing a couple of awesome guest stars, starting with Linda (The Exorcist) Blair as the multi-personality author of the book, Rebecca Royce!

The other great guest star is the always cool Fred (Black Caesar, Hell Up In Harlem, Vegas Vampires) Williamson as TV host Fred Milton DiGenova!

Rebecca makes an appearance on Fred's show, so we actually get to see them both in the same scene.

Here's another one of Rebecca's books! This one was written by one of her other personalities, the childlike one!

Phillip (Dawn Of The Dead) MacKensie as Bart Haines, confesses that he is the murderer, but it seems pretty doubtful since he is confined to a wheelchair!

The next murder in the book happens at a Halloween party, so that's where the stakeout heads. Of course there are a couple of guys at the party in costume as The Blues Brothers.

Okay, let's get out of here and head to the final day of reckoning!
Once again, thanks to Lord Litter in Berlin, for unearthing this pretty darn cool show for us!

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KD said...

I've read that Dan Aykroyd is personally a real "believer" in paranormal phenomena. I had a friend who spent most of his adult life (70+ years) chasing UFO reports and interviewing "believers" and "experiencers" and "abductees," and when I asked him what he made of it all, he replied with a wink of his eye, "Truth is TROOOTH!" Anyway, as he's left this plane of existence some years ago, wherever he is now, he finally knows the "TROOOTH!" ;)

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