Friday, October 16, 2020

RETURN OF THE BLUE DEATH / Monster Kid Home Movies - 1965

Nothing says Halloween more than some Monster Kids! So, today we have the sequel to THE BLUE DEATH by Bruce Tinkel which I posted a while back. Of course I had to make them a decent title card because they moved the camera around with theirs... Stupid kids!

In this scene, a kid holds up a special sweat shirt and the Blue Death appears, and he kills the poor little guy by chocking him out.

Then we see the monster creeping around on someone's roof. He sees some kids goofing around in the swimming pool...

Blue Death strips down to his bathing suit (why was he wearing a bathing suit?) and jumps in the pool only to toss the two boys around and kill them before he splits.

Okay, it's summer here, right?

Well, the next scene takes place in the fall! Guess the crew was on hiatus, anyway, Blue Death shows up out of nowhere and chases this guy in his own yard.

The maniac follows the dude into his house and ends up choking him out too!! So, if you see a guy with this sweat shirt on, RUN LIKE HELL!

Next, he grabs a hatchet and chops away on this unsuspecting guy, reminds me of the last guy to get killed in our movie, THE CREEP. Except, our guy gets an ice pick through the soft spot on the top of his head!

This scene is so silly. Looks like Blue Death is coming down a telephone pole, and there's some kid driving small nails into to roof. He doesn't see BD because he's so darn absorbed in whatever the freakin' Hell he's up to! Use your imagination to figure out what happens to him.

Yeah, and after he deep sixes another guy, he beats his chest like an ape and gestures what a great crazy person he is!

When this kid goes up against the human side of BD, he changes into the monster and what else, he choke's the kid out!

In one nutty scene, this boy is supposed to be getting run over by Blue Death, but, you can plainly see that the gear shift is in park!

Beware all of you out there, the Blue Death is on the prowl...

And the WTF! doesn't end there! Some guy's out grilling on the barbeque, using a fencing sword to, I guess, flip the burgers?  BD tries to attack him but the guy runs the sword through the bad guy's gut... Wow, kids and their imaginations! Who in the Hell would ever grill using a sword?!

Like in the many Universal horror films, the Blue Death changes back to his human form after dying, but goes one better by disappearing into thin air!

And this actor just shrugs his shoulders, signifying... Wha' hoppin'?

Tune in tomorrow as we keep on trucking down that old Halloween Countdown trail, here at The Dungeon!!..

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Grant said...

That's pretty elaborate make-up.

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