Friday, October 23, 2020

THE THREE STOOGES In "A Bird In The Head" - 1946

In today's kwazy tale, the boys get the job of wallpapering a room in the house of  Professor Panzer, a mad scientist that wants to put a human brain in his ape Igor's head! But, he's having trouble finding someone with a small enough brain!!

Mr. Beedle, Panzer's helper, has hired the Stooges to wallpaper a room in the house, but he asks Moe if they knew what they were doing because Curly was eating the paste! Moe assures him that he won't recognize the place when they're done!

The professor has Beedle come in, he'd like to ask him a few questions about the paper hangers... Oh, and by the way, what's your hat size? Beedle says, 7-1/2, and the professor sighs, oh, that's too bad! He then asks his (very nervous at this point) assistant Nikko the same question, but alas, his brain is also too large.

Back in the room, the boys are up to their old tricks. Look how Larry's carrying the ladder! And of course Moe's on the receiving end!

Curly just cannot get the paper flattened out...

And, the first piece of paper Larry and Curly put up is over Moe. They think it's lumpy paste until they find Moe under it!

Beedle walks in to check on the progress.

And sure enough, Moe said he wouldn't recognize the place! This is one of my all time favorite Stooge scenes, Beedle keeps saying... This is SILLY, it's just SILLY! He tries to pummel the boys but slips on some paste and ends up in a closet.

The boys run across the hall and into Panzer's lab. After Moe calls Curly 'bird brain,' the mad scientist appears and is totally intrigued...

Panzer performs a few tests on Curly, including using a stethoscope on his head!!

Panzer tells the boys that if they cooperate with him, they will live in luxury for the rest of their lives! They agree and he shows them to their room, and locks them in. Then, Igor wanders into their room and they quickly hide under the bed!

Igor gets a kick out of stomping down on the boys as they cry out in pain!

Igor gets his foot stuck in the springs and the guys somehow get out of the room and head back to the lab. After an x-ray of his head and Panzer ranting about finding a human brain for Igor, Curly ask the madman, so, where are you going to find a brain? Vernon Dent's performance here is uncanny and he definitely steals the show!

The boys spoil Panzer's plan and run back to their room. There, Curly and Igor bond and now he's Curly's pal. The guys lock Panzer out of the lab after they return there. Moe tries to bully Curly and Igor steps in to threaten Moe if he tries! So funny! Curly even gets to slap Moe a few times while Igor holds him there, which Moe welcomes!

Then, Igor finds some grain alcohol that him and Curly share.

Panzer accesses the lab through a secret panel in the wall, holding a freaking machine gun! He tells the boys to get ready to die! 

But, Igor grabs the weapon from him and starts spraying the lab with bullets. After hitting the boys in the caboose with some shots, Panzer gets his turn

The Stooges and Igor make a hasty retreat, to live for another crazy adventure! Halloween is just around the corner, so, join us again tomorrow for another special treat, here at The Dungeon!!..

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KD said...

Just think: you could put a diving helmet and antennas on that gorilla suit, and have...oh, you know. ;) >O

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