Monday, October 19, 2020

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN / "Ghost Wolf" - 1952

Here's an adventure from season one of this great series, in it, Clark, Lois and Jimmy head to Washington state to see what the problem is at the Lone Pine Timber Company paper mill (owned by The Daily Planet) where they get the wood pulp for the newspaper...

I just wanted to show this pic because it's freaking awesome!!

Anyway, all the loggers have quit because there's a rumor about a... Get ready, yeah, a werewolf!! Sam, the company supervisor on the left, talks with lumberman Jacques, who is also quitting because he says he has seen the creature!

Perry's a real grouch in this one, so, he sends the gang to Washington to investigate the wild rumors that Sam told him about, concerning the situation there.

After a plane ride, Clark, Lois and Jimmy take a train to the paper mill. On the way, the brakeman (remember the caboose?) tells them about the strange things that have been happening recently. Like, someone has been trying to cause train wrecks and the like...

Clark says he wants to take a walk, and Lois responds... A walk?!

Sensing danger, Clark uses his x-ray eyes to see if he can notice anything suspicious. And sure enough, he spots something that's horribly wrong!

And if you don't believe me, when's the last time you saw Clark react like that?!

Superman holds up a damaged bridge trestle and the train just barely makes it across before the whole thing collapses, and he flies off to join his pals. That was a close one!

And who's this mysterious woman roaming around with her wolf? Could she be the dreaded werewolf in this story?!!

Lois has her own cabin, and as she's falling asleep, the 'wolf' jumps through the window and growls at her. She screams like crazy and everyone comes running. Then she tells Clark that she's sleeping in their cabin, him and Jimmy can sleep together in one bed and she'll take the other one, get it?! Love Clark's robe.

Well, it seems that Jacques is a wereweasel, he's behind all the mayhem. Now, the ass wipe sets the forest on fire!!

Of course Lois and Jimmy get caught up in the flames, Jimmy helps Lois up after she falls down while running. I don't know why I notice these things, but, look where Jimmy's left hand is!!

Supe saves the day when he swoops in and covers his pals with his cape!

Okay, it gets a little confusing here, but, the woman, Babette, thinks Sam is responsible for her losing the land, but Jacques was playing her while he did his dirty work. She discovers the truth and Jacques grabs the rifle and threatens to kill her and Sam, and her beloved pet!! 

Well, we know that ain't gonna happen on Superman's watch. He comes up with an idea to stop the fire, he takes 5000 feet of electrical cable up into the clouds to trigger a thunder storm!

What a sight to behold! And before long, it starts pouring down and the fire goes out.

A totally drenched Clark finally shows up and wants to know if Superman could please just stop the rain! Well, another one bites the dust as we round that old Halloween Countdown bend, here at The Dungeon!!..


KD said...

Isn't this the episode where George Reeves' leap into the air amongst the forest surroundings set (third from last pic) caused him a serious injury, thereafter curtailing some of the later "running and jumping" stunt work?

Randall Landers said...

Also it seems very similar to (if not inspiration for) an episode of Jonny Quest.

KD said...

Found on the IMDb: In the second to the last scene George Reeves cable snapped and he fell 15 feet. In the last scene Reeves seemed perturbed or disgruntled. No wonder he never used the peter pan cable again!

* I'm sure I read about this incident in more detail somewhere.

TABONGA! said...

Now, this is why we love the comment section!!

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