Wednesday, October 14, 2020

THE TWILIGHT ZONE - "The Howling Man" (1960)

Let's venture off into "The Twilight Zone" for this Wednesday's offering on The Countdown!

I was looking at a list of Halloween TV shows on Wikipedia, and this "Twilight Zone" episode was on it, but I'm still not quite sure why. I guess because it has a scary guy in it, but there definitely ain't no trick or treating going on!

The story begins with H.M. Wynant as David Ellington, telling the story you're about to hear!
 H.M. might not be a household name but this guy has been acting on TV for seven decades, so I'm sure you've seen his face before. H.M.'s last appearance was in 2018, and if I did the math right, he should be 94 next February! Active in not just stage, TV, and film, H.M. also has a twenty year old daughter named Pasha.

Out taking a nice walk when the weather goes South in Europe somewhere, David Ellington stumbles on this shelter from the storm, and you know what that means, he just entered "The Twilight Zone!"

The welcoming committee is anything but welcoming, and tell him that he needs to leave.
Immediately, but he keeps hearing this howling sound.

The truly amazing John Carradine has the role of the boss of the joint, Brother Jerome!
Brother Jerome reiterates what the other fellow told David, but after David asks enough times, he finally gives in, and says he can spend the night!

Not a whole Helluva lot else is going on, but the howling continues, and everbody else acts like they don't hear anything!

Instead of staying in his room as told like a good boy, David goes out to try and track down the noise, and he finds this guy who seems fairly normal penned up and wanting out really bad!
Robin Hughes as 'The Howling Man" was also in "The Son Of  Dr. Jekyll," "The Maze," "Dial M For Murder," and "The Mole People."

David was warned by Brother Jerome, but if he had listened, we wouldn't have a story, so the stupid, dim-witted numbskull releases the prisoner!

It's not more than a few seconds before he realizes that he screwed up really bad!
What a moroon!!

The poor falsely imprisoned man is indeed The Devil himself!
Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, or Mephistopheles, whatever you want to call him, he's just evil!

David really feels stupid now, but the damage is done, and this evil genie is not going back in the bottle!

"Trick or Treat!!"

After David says that he didn't recognize that it was The Devil, Brother Jerome tells him 
"That is man's weakness and Satan's strength," and I'm willing to say that is a problem we still have to this day!


KD said...

Oh. I recognize the his haystack of straw hair and fakey orange face makeup! ;)

Grant said...

Oddly enough, Robin Hughes also sort of became a CHARACTER in a weird story. There's a ONE STEP BEYOND episode called "Signal Received" about a sort of paranormal experience three British sailors had during the war. At the end, one of the actual sailors is interviewed by John Newland, and it turns out to be Robin Hughes.

Randall Landers said...

Is that Lee Marvin at the door/

Randall Landers said...

Oops, never mind! It's the guy who played Queequeeg in MOBY DICK. Sorry!

KD said...

PS: I love the Ventures, too!

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