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HOME MOVIES / "Coffins And Cradles" - 2003

This is one of my top 10 shows, it ran for four seasons and got pretty complicated with the character interactions near the end. Anyway, here's their Halloween episode from season three. The series is about 3rd graders Brendon Small and his friends Jason and Melissa. They have made hundreds of their movies and that's what it's all about. Brendon is voiced by, who else, the real Brendon Small, the master guitarist and song writer from Dethklok, and voice of the singer, Nathan Explosion.

In this episode, Brendon's step mom Linda is nine months pregnant and staying at Brendon's house so that his mom Paula can help out. Brendon and her DO NOT get along.

The other ingredient that makes this series awesome in the kids' soccer coach, John  McGuirk, voiced by the great H. Jon Benjamin, also the voice of Bob in BOB'S BURGERS. 

Anyway, he thought it was some kids he could yell at after being woken up from a nap. But, it's a girl from his past that has now joined a spiritual cult and is out drumming up business for her brothers and sisters.

Here are Perry and his pal trick-or-treating at the Small's house. Linda answers the door and Perry asks her if she's dressed up like an ugly housewife for Halloween. She chases them away.

Speaking of things that need to be chased away, here are me and Eegah!! as a 2-headed psycho at a Halloween party around 2003 I believe. Seriously, nobody liked us, they just wanted us to stay the Hell away!

So, Jason, Melissa and their teacher Mr. Lynch are there to pick up Brendon so that they all can go trick-or-treating together.

In the meantime, coach MsGuirk lets his girlfriend dress him up in a costume with make up, heels and a wig. Oh, and soup cans for boobs! They're getting all frisky, when...the coach has a heart attack!

Well, the good news is that he's going to be fine, but, he did suffer a heart attack and has to take it easy for awhile. He's kinda cute.

Halloween gets short-circuited when it's time for Linda to have her baby. They all rush to the hospital to be with her and Brendon wants to tape the event. The doc says... NO!

Of course Brendon and Linda get into a fight and she calls him everything in the book in a bleepathon, and the little guy shoots back some of the same, then leaves.

Brendon, Melissa, Jason and Mr. Lynch are in the waiting room where Mr. Lynch tempts the kids with a pile of candy. Problem is, Jason is a recovering candyholic...

When the threshold is reached, he eats all the candy and turns into the Jason from Hell.

Then, Brendon sees coach McGuirk in one of the hospital rooms, and the coach tells him the whole twisted story of what happened.

Melissa (who always feels obligated to help him at times like this) is concerned about Jason so finally tracks him down in a store room, sucking down sugar water. He tells her to back off!

But, Melissa also has some quirks, like, when she's pushed to her limits, she totally overreacts. Here, she slaps Jason from Hell about twenty times, hard, until he finally turns back into regular Jason.

So, Linda has the baby and everyone meets in her room to end this crazy episode. Well, that's our first Halloween Countdown 2020 treat for you, come back tomorrow for your all-day sucker, here at The Dungeon!!..


Randall Landers said...

As a fan film maker, I've always loved this show.

Peteski said...

"So, what are you guys doing?"
watching now.

EEGAH!! said...

Don't know about Tabonga, but I'm watching my clothes, and when I get done, I'll put them in the drier!

KD said...

I always wondered if this blog was run by a Two-Headed-Psycho. And now I know.


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