Saturday, October 8, 2022

EERIE, INDIANA - "Scariest Home Videos" (1991)

Tonight's Saturday Night Countdown To Halloween Special is Episode 05 of the 1991 television series titled "Eerie, Indiana."

This Episode was titled "Scariest Home Videos," and aired on October 20, 1991 right before Halloween. The stars of the show, Omri Katz as Marshall Teller, and Justin Shenkarow as Simon Holmes are just getting ready to go out trick or treating! If you were around in the 80's you probably remember Omri as John Ross Ewing in 149 episodes of the night time soap opera "Dallas." Besides acting, Justin Shenkarow has done a ton of cartoon voices like Harold Berman in "Hey Arnold," and Eddie Horton in "Lloyd In Space."

Marshall's Mom has gotten a call from her husband whose car is stranded, so instead of trick or treating, the two boys have to stay home and keep and eye on Simon's bratty kid brother Harley. Joseph (Kindergarten Cop) Cousins has the role of Harley.

Fake or real, I love shots of trick or treaters!

The spellbinding classic "Bloody Revenge Of The Mummy's Curse" starring the iconic Boris Von Orloff is playing on the tube!

Then the boys realize the truth, somehow Harley is now inside the TV, and they are going to get in trouble!

Even worse, Harley is not merely inside the TV, he has exchanged places with Boris Von Orloff who was The Mummy in the movie, and is now ready to go on a bloody rampage!!

The kid in the TV is hilarious, and is easily worth the price of admission alone, and he's having a great time going around terrorizing everybody!

Julie Condra as Syndi Teller would have probably been more scared of this wandering mummy if it wasn't Halloween. Julie was in 59 episodes of another night time soap, "Santa Barbara," as Emily DiNapoli Hughes. 
More trick or treaters!

The kids bonk the mummy on the head with a shovel and finally get him to calm down!

Oh, No! It's Boris Von Orloff, and he has no idea what's going on!
He thinks he's still in the movie!

By matching up the teeth marks on the TV remote control with some teeth marks on Simon's arm given to him by his little brother, they think they might have figured out what happened.

Thanks goodness the video camera they were going to take out with them trick or treating was running the whole time, and they are able to verify exactly what happened.

The movie is on the ending credits, and Marshall's parents are on their way home, so there's only one thing they can do, and that's have Boris bite down on the remote at just the right time!

And Harley returns just in the nick of time!
What a fun and krazy story. I give this show four thumb's up, two of mine, and two of Lord Litter's, I'm sure he's got a couple to spare!


Deadpan Flook said...

I loved Eerie Indiana….I wish it had a longer run!

Richard said...

I remember that series! A pretty good horror series, provided you remember that kids were the target audience.

(The Countdown to Halloween sent me here!)

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