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Billy and Mandy were my favorite and it's hard to realize that this episode came out 19 years ago! The creator of this great series, Maxwell Atoms, was also head writer, but what really amazed me was Richard Steven Horvitz doing Billy's voice, freaking amazing and for me the best part of the show. Love this series.

Billy, Mandy and Grim are out trick-or-treating. At the first place they come to, a big, mean old lady answers the door and tells them to go away, why are you hippies bothering me?

Billy and Mandy catch a glimpse of the candy stock pile the woman has in back, just before she slams the door in their face.

Since they didn't get any treats, Mandy comes up with a trick. She puts glue on the mat and rings the doorbell. The lady comes out and steps on the mat, gets stuck, and Mandy opens the fire plug, soaking the mean lady while stuck to the mat. Mandy and the gang walk around her, go inside, and take all her candy!!

While enjoying their many treats, Billy asks Grim, why do people play tricks on Halloween. Grim is happy to tell him why...

There was this man named Jack that was constantly playing tricks on people, and one came up with a great idea, he'd send a special present to the queen, but put Jack's name on it. He even included a picture of Jack in with the present.

The queen is so happy to get her favorite threat, but when she takes the lid off, she gets a big surprise, right in the eye! She's absolutely furious and send out a knight to pay Jack a little visit.

And a visit is exactly what Jack gets, the knight raises his ax, and...

Jack got the ax in his back, and when Grim goes to take his soul, Jack don't wanna go! He distracts Grim and grabs his sythe and won't give it back (who holds it owns it) so Grim has to make a deal to get it back, he must give Jack immortally! Grim agrees but the cuts Jack's head off when he gets his sythe back, the whole thing pissed Grim off big time!

Okay, Jack had to replace his head with a pumpkin, Billy stupidly went to Jack's house to trick-or-treat and ended up letting Jack take the sythe, and now Jack has opened a portal and ghosts are coming down, taking over and mutating all the pumpkins into monsters.

Mandy is the ultimate problem solver, and when Billy spills the beans about Jack confiscating the sythe, she puts on the camouflage, tells Billy to go cause a distractions, and then sets up the scene for her tactics. 

Doing his part, Billy shows up on his giant pumpkin steed, just when Jack is ready to cut Grim's head off (for good) as payback.

As his distraction, Billy moons Jack and the pumpkin monsters, it works pretty good.

Suddenly, a knight is seen coming their way, Jack thinks it's the one that axed him in the back!

No, it's just Irwin, so, let the fun begin! To start with, Mandy has clumsy Irwin in a loop of hilarious situations, making Jack and the pumpkins laugh out loud.

Situations just get worse and worse for Irwin, and the laughs just get more hilarious, until, all the pumpkins explode and all the ghosts go back to from where they came!

Grim tickles Jack with Jack's own feather, and the pumpkin head goes the way of the ghosts.

Jack ends up in Heck and is still playing pranks, and his inmates have had enough!

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Sounds fun! Haven't seen this one, but the Billy and Mandy Save Christmas special was a tradition for my kids and I, so maybe I should give this a chance!

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