Friday, August 31, 2018

MERRY MELODIES - Goofy Groceries - 1941

It's the end of the month and I swear we all need a good laugh or two... Here's a classic WB cartoon for you, I have the Looney Tunes Golden Collection that consists of freakin' 24 discs of tunes! So, look for more great WB cartoons in the future...

When I see this beautiful artwork, well, it makes me want to spit on the crap we call 'Art' nowadays, it just has no soul for me...

It starts with some contented and discontented moo cows swooning over the Fulla Bull bull.

I had to show the cigarette pipe organ, come on kids, light 'em up if you got 'em!

Then, the barker (ha-ha) shows us some of the talented acts in the grocery store.

There's the wiggling Wiggly Gum dancing girlie...

Under the U-Know Biscuits display the little water nymphs play gleefully in the water!

And, we gots the Cab Can Girls doing their thing, something we all (can) enjoy.

Then, a mean old gorilla tears his way out of the Animal Crackers box, ready to cause a bunch o' trouble for all the other groceries!

That's exactly what he does, too, he seems to be fascinated by one little Can Can Girl.

Jack Bunny joins in and rides his Horse Radish steed to save the Can Can Girl.

The turtle tanks come off their Turtle Soup cans and hit the big ape with a barrage of bullets!

But, he finds a box of fireworks in the corner and lights up a roman candle. Jack Bunny loses his steed when it takes a direct hit from the candle.

Jack grabs a hatchet and runs toward the ape! By the time he gets there though, his hatchet takes so many hits from the candle that he only has a toy cheese slicer!

Then, Superguy shows up to save the day, but, he turns into a baby and starts crying after he's scared straight at the sight of the hulk!!

He lights a big fire cracker and is ready to hand it to Jack when he hears his name being called. Well, mom is mad as Hell, she grabs his ear and drags him back into the damaged box, saving the day at the grocery store.

Jack is holding the fire cracker as it blows up in his face! Welp, there you go, check in tomorrow when Eegah!! brings on the... urr... whatever!!

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