Friday, August 24, 2018

CRASH AND BURN / The Weapons Of The Future Are Alive - 1990

This is the follow-up flick of ROBOT JOX, in this one, Unicom is a powerful organization overseeing most of the world after its economic collapse and have banned computers and robots in an attempt to insure economic stability. When a Unicom Synth Zoid infiltrates a southwest TV station and kills the manager, a revolution against the gestapo-like corporation, a Unicom delivery man must help the rest of the station survive!

It stars Paul (LETHAL WEAPON 3) Ganus, Megan (TRANCERS II) Ward, Ralph (FIVE EASY PIECES) Waite, Bill (THE BLOB '88) Moseley and Eva (THE BARBARIANS) LaRue. This was a direct to video production directed by Charles Band, I have to admit, the acting is top shelf!

Our hero, Tyson Keen, is assigned to the Unicom TV station way out in the desert somewhere...

Out back of the facility is a giant robot that had got a 'crash and burn' computer virus and is now non functional.

Beautiful women work at the facility. Parice gets comfortable as Arren watches. Not to be outdone, Arren takes her top off for us. Supposedly, Arren is just 16 years old!

The TV host and his girls relocate in the medical ward, preparing for a thermal storm.

Then, the station manager is targeted for assassination, like, what's going on around here?!

Arren is trying to get rid of the computer virus and get the giant robot up and working again. She attains limited success with the effort.

We find out that Quinn is a Synth Zoid and is killing off the humans at the facility, here, he tries to choke out Arren! This is kinda weird, in 1981, my art pal and I came up with a comic story about robots called, WE ARE THE SYNTHAZOIDS!

Tyson, Arren and Parice try to escape the place in a classic 1959 Ford pickup (everyone else is dead) but Quinn attacks them, he barely holds on as Tyson tries to shake him loose!

Then guess what happens?.. Right, the thermal storm hits! An electrical bolt strikes a tower.

Wouldn't you know it, the tower falls and traps Tyson and Quinn beneath it. At this point, Quinn is battered to Hell, but he is still trying to get his metal hands around Tyson's neck!

Arren splits the scene and tries to get the robot up and going in an attempt to save Tyson.

And, it works!! The lumbering giant heads toward the fallen tower...

It goes to the tower and picks it up, freeing Tyson, and Quinn! Our hero is just barely able to escape Quinn's grasp, so, Arren has the robot stomp the HELL out of the evil jerk!!

Then, the giant robot malfunctions and falls to the ground. But, mission accomplished!

Well, it turns out that Parice is also a Synth Zoid, it looks bad for Tyson until Arren shows up with a special rifle and blows her metal head off! Tyson and Arren leave the facility in the Ford pickup and disappear into future... Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! brings his club to the fight!

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