Monday, August 27, 2018

THE OUTER LIMITS: Wolf 359 / Season 2 Episode 8 - 1964

Today's classic Outer Limits episode is about a scientist who creates a tiny model of another solar system's planet, seeding it with life, in order to study planetary development. The miniaturization allows the simulation's evolution to advance much faster, and, a ghostly bat-like creature hovers over the model watching the humans, while emitting waves of fear.

This one stars Patrick (THE MAD MAGICIAN) O'Neal, Sara (NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER) Shane, Peter (CHILD'S PLAY 2) Haskell, Ben (PHARAOH'S CURSE) Wright and Dabney (9 TO 5) Coleman.

Here are scientist Jonathan Meridith and his helper Peter Jellicoe, they have created a mini world in a chamber with the atmosphere from a distant planet called... Wolf 359! First, they find the blood from a test animal is infected with strange cells. Then, they find that all the ants in the lab have died!

They decide to take some photos of the mini planet's surface with their special camera.

While photographing the planet's surface, a ghostly figure appears and they take a shot of it. But, after the photos are developed, there is no image of the creature!

Another photo shows one of the creatures developing on the surface. The creature shown is actually from the episode, The Invisible Enemy!

Jonathan's wife is curious about the progress in the lab so she decides to take a look at the mini world her husband has created. But, she gets a frightening shock when the ghostly figure appears in the viewer.

Here's a nice shot of the weird thing roaming around in the lab.

Jonathan and wifey return from a party in their classic 1964 Ford...

But, something isn't quite right. The tree in the front yard is dead, like, all the life was drained out of it. Also, the cactus breaks apart when he touches it!

Jonathan sends his wife away and fires his helper because he's concerned for their safety. Alone now, Jonathan tries to figure what in the Hell's going on around here anyway. He notices two of his little lab animals are dead.

Then, the thing comes out of nowhere to menace Jonathan again!

It follows him upstairs and starts smothering him under a ghostly cloak.

His wife has returned because she has a bad feeling about Jonathan's safety. He tells her to break the glass containing the experiment, so, she races to the lab, grabs a stool and tosses it through the glass. Within moments, the apparition disappears into nothingness!

Jonathan finishes his report with a warning to never repeat this type of experiment again! Well, looks like Eegah!! will be back on Wednesday with who the Hell knows what!


Randall Landers said...

This is a great episode!

Grant said...

This one is pretty underrated, even by some Outer Limits fans.

Randall Landers said...

And so memorable in that many folks have done homages to it (South Park and Family Guy included) yet unmemorable in tha they always credit it as a Twilight Zone episode.

Anonymous said...

This one was clearly inspired by a classic short story titled Fessenden's World by the amazing SF author, Edmond Hamilton. Love it!

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