Friday, August 3, 2018

THE TELL-TALE HEART / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Short - 1941

Today we gots a great little short for you... It's a story by Edgar Allan Poe - A young man is being dominated, insulted, and mistreated by the older man whose lodgings he shares. Finally one night, he enters the older man's room and kills him, afterwards though, the young man grows increasingly nervous and he becomes convinced that he can still hear the dead man's heart beating!

It stars Joseph (MR. MOTO TAKES A VACATION) Schildkraut as the Young Man, Roman (THE HITLER GANG) Bohnen as the Old Man, Oscar (THE BRUTE MAN) O'Shea as the First Deputy Sheriff and Will (SLEEPY LAGOON) Wright as the Second Deputy Sheriff.

It starts with the young man weaving on a loom. He seems unhappy to see the old man return for the evening. The first thing the old man does is slap him. I personally wanted to kick the old jackass in the nuts!

The young man is totally depressed over the way he's being treated...

Before the old man goes to bed that night, he lays into the young man one last time. Later, the young man pays the old SOB a little visit.

He shines a light on the old man, then, attacks and strangles him!

After he has put the old man under the floor boards, he starts hearing a beating heart! He stops the clock but still hears the beating.

The next morning, two sheriffs show up looking for the old man, who was supposed to be at an auction today, they're there checking to see if he was ill or something...

Inside the house, the young man is acting extremely nervous. One sheriff is tapping on the table (which sounds like a heart beat) and the young man stops him!

Oh no, he still hears that damn heart beat!..

The young man is losing it, he kneels over the old man, the sheriffs put two and two together, and ...

They locate the old man under the floor!

Finally, the heart beats stop and the young man is relieved and ready to leave with the sheriffs! Tune in tomorrow for something cool from Eegah!!

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Randall Landers said...

Love Schildkraut in this presentation as well as Alfred Becker in the TZ episode "Deaths-Head Revisited."

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