Wednesday, August 29, 2018

SHOUGEKI GOURAIGAN - "Dual-Gifted Dame" (2013)

 It's 'Wash Your Face' Wednesday in The Dungeon! Let's clean out those pores!
Seriously, your guess is as good as mine! This show dilated my eyes!

Let's just get it straight right out of the box,

SO, just don't question anything! 

"Everyone's mischief and mistakes are just fragments of one,"
So why does the moon rise only when the sun goes down? (Most of the time)

And.....Free Threeloaders!

"Shougeki Gouraigan" ran for 13 episodes! This was episode number four titled "Dual-Gifted Dame"

When the creatures arise, the voices become louder!

"They're truly the people of the light, and what a truly fine freaking light it is!"

Skin is probably the most unappreciated organ!

Whathemuthafukinsonofabitchinhell is that?

Beauty is in the bee of the iPhone holder.

I am of star, may the rain flowers never stop!

Great looking TV monitor!

"This is really terrible!" and the weirdest smog shop I've ever seen!

If you don't get it, you're in good company!

Boring a hole into the cranium like some kind of nuclear worm!

Somebody had to win!

Don't worry, everything's fine!!

Well, at least for the moment anyhow!
Here's a true story. I went to re-order some Thorne Vitamin D on Amazon. The price had tripled and I couldn't figure it out. Here's the deal. They had a new label, so if you re-ordered what you bought before with the old label, it was $44.00. The same exact product with a new label was $14.00. Every boxing match begins with these words, "Protect yourself at all times!" I'm just saying, you have to pay attention!!

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