Saturday, August 25, 2018

DEAD LIKE ME: LIFE AFTER DEATH - "Reaper Madness" (2009)

I just recently found out about this TV show that debuted on Showtime in 2003 called "Dead Like Me," and I don't know a whole lot, so I'm just gonna make up a bunch of crap!
Welcome to the Saturday Night Special version of The Dungeon!

As fate would have it, I had to go to a funeral today of a very old friend! It's just something we all have to deal with! What timing!

Supposedly Death is in that jar, and about to be released, but it says on the IMDB that what is actually written on the jar is "Sanskrit dictionary." 

Now that we understand the "mystery of death," it must be time to figure out the meaning of life!

The basic concept of "Dead Like Me" is that not all people die immediately! Some individuals are chosen to still roam the earth as Grim Reapers, and their job is to hand out death when they are told to! It's all very business-like, they meet as a group at the local Waffle Haus, and are given post-it notes that have their assignments on them. Other than that, they have fairly normal dead lives with jobs etc. but they don't have the same exact appearance as before because they don't need to be recognized, or it will screw up the whole thing.

The main character is Mensa member Ellen Muth as George Lass! George has just died in the most embarrassing fashion. A large explosion has sent a toilet seat screaming from heaven, on a direct path to her cranium! She is killed right on the spot!

One of George's first reaps is this suicidal inventor who has just received word that one of his inventions is going to make him rich! Too bad he got the news about five minutes too late, and so he takes his final encore instead!

That's George on the right with her dead team members, Callum Blue as Mason, Jasmine Guy as Roxy, and Sarah Wynter as Daisy! They are all reprising their roles from the original "Dead Like Me" TV series in 2003 except Sarah, because she was busy ironically enough working in "The Dead Zone" as Rebecca Caldwell which I've also been watching for like the last two months!!

This is what George looked like when she was alive, and what she looks like to us! (She's just about to get whacked with that toilet seat in this shot!)

But to all other humans including her Mother and sister, she now looks like this!

At the beginning, George's boss was re-killed when the Waffle Haus exploded, and he was replaced with a guy that didn't care about the gang or their victims, so they disposed of him, but it wasn't easy. In the end, post-it notes rain down on George, and after realizing she's going to have to be the new boss, she utters the fateful words, "I am so fucked!"

I guess now I know why I had such a compelling impulse to buy this Dia De Muertos candle the other day!
I just saw the original show airs on Primo para nada, so I guess if I ever get out of "The Dead Zone," I'll have to move on over to "Dead Like Me!" How freakin' appropriate!


Jeff said...

I remember the show well, we saw it in reruns, and we liked it a lot. The movie I don't remember as much but some points you bring up did ring bells in my memory pathways.

I would say it's worth watching and when you get done with that there's another (award winning?) series called "6 Feet Under" that deals with death from the undertakers point of view.

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EEGAH!! said...

Back in the 70's I worked with a guy who had a second job as a mortician. I just can never forget that he always had a cigarette dangling from his lip with at least an inch of ash on it, and the fact that he had a sick sense of humor!

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