Friday, August 10, 2018

TALES OF TOMORROW: 'Test Flight' / Season 1 Episode 10 - 1951

Let's go back 67 years and check out this classic sci-fi TV episode from TALES OF TOMORROW... A headstrong, ambitious, sometimes unscrupulous businessman, an entrepreneurial capitalist, has ambitions to build a spaceship that is capable of interplanetary travel! Despite warnings about the foolhardiness of his undertaking, he's determined to follow through, especially when a meek scientist shares his ideas about utilizing magnetism as a propulsion system.

It stars Lee J. (THE EXORCIST) Cobb as Wayne Crowder, Vinton (THE MUMMY'S TOMB) Hayworth, Cameron (THE RAINMAKER) Prud'Homme and Harry (THE GREAT IMPOSTOR) Townes as Wilkins.

Here's Wayne Crowder, ambitious industrial capitalist, he's obsessed with the idea of building a spaceship that can travel throughout the galaxy!

His main concern is the propulsion system, so, he runs an ad in the newspaper in search of someone to help him in his quest.

Crowder's prayers are answered when a scientist named Wilkins shows up for an interview. He fills Crowder in on all the details of his propulsion system already being developed.

Crowder hires Wilkins but his financial director tells him that he has almost depleted his money supply and that if he wants to complete his pipe dream, he needs to take off like now, or, all his fortune will be lost!

Crowder goes to Wilkins' lab and tells him he has to speed up his development of his engine because the time is nigh!

So, Wilkins and Crowder finally take off in their V-2 rocket...

Crowder feels the g-force as they climb into space, they even use (new at the time) stock footage of their ascent, miles above the Earth.

After they have proved that the rocket works flawlessly, Crowder tell Wilkins to turn the ship around and head back to Earth. But, Wilkins has set the controls for Mars, Crowder freaks out and tries to choke him!.. Now what?!

Wilkins then transforms into a freakin' Martian!

And, Mars looms in the distance, the final destination for the two astronuts!! Hey, tune in tomorrow for a special Saturday post from Eegah!! Later dudes and dudettes!

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