Monday, August 13, 2018


Today we have a special treat, originally released direct to video in the eighties. It's a compilation of clips from movies he showed back in the day with some occasional rude comments plus segments in his castle between the clips. So, hit the 'GO' button there next to the detonation device there on the right and get this road on the show!!..

Zacherely the Cool Ghoul starts the show with a monologue be sets on fire, then goes to his film vault to cue up some vintage horror movie clips for us!

As we're watching a clip from THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN, Zacherely responds to the ultra hot gal in the scene! Weird, I have the same reaction every time I watch that scene!

Here's a great shot of Sid Haig as he crawls out of the limo in SPIDER BABY.

Then, he electrocutes a little walking reptile just for the Hell of it...

We even get to see a clip of the massive Westinghouse robot, Elektro! He actually smokes a cigarette too, letting the kids see how cool smoking is!

In this behind the scenes shot, we can see a guy pulling the tail of a lizard to make him move for a dinosaur fight scene.

This is one of my favorite and funniest shots from BRIDE OF THE MONSTER... Check out the stunt man's elevator shoes, now, supposedly, Bela is a full 5 inches taller than Tor!!

Back to Zacherely's antics. He tests some brains to see if they are defective or not. Then, he gleefully operates on a big pile of gelatin and broccoli!

A little reminder of those crazed SHE-DEMONS in their bamboo cages.

Anyone that knows what horror flick this still is from watches way too many bad movies!

Eegah!! and I almost believed it when we saw THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE way back in 1962, it was definitely a WTF?! moment in horror movie history!

Here's a flaming 13 from the trailer of 13 GHOSTS, what Eegah!! and I saw in 1960.

Freakin' dumb ass teenagers!!

A shot of Zacherley and his guest in his early days...

That's one of the crazy coolest claims ever in horror movies! From THE GIANT GILA MONSTER.

Check out that awesome lettering from the INVADERS FROM MARS trailer!

When you go back and check out this scene from I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN, well, that leg is really hideous and super shocking for a fifties horror flick, seriously!

The tubes in this shot of Don Megowan from TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN look like plumbing!

A little comedy routine on the Abbott and Costello show, it's time to meet the Creature!

Zacherley ends the show with a monologue and a Transylvania banner, last words from the Cool Ghoul... Tune in Wednesday for more, from, the Dungeon Gang!


Philip Smolen said...

Hi Guys!

I love this old VHS tape. I was fortunate enough to grow up in the New York City area in the 1960s so I got to watch Zach host Chiller Theater every Saturday for a while. He was the best and always made me laugh. Then, in the 1970s, Zach was a weekend DJ on a New York Rock Station! He was great at that as well.

We lost Zach last year, but he lived to be 98! Just like Wonder Bread, Zach helped build great horror fans 12 ways! Thanks so much for the great post. Love it!

TABONGA! said...

Hey Philip - You're lucky to have grown up in NY, Eegah!! and I grew up in central California with stations in Fresno and Bakersfield only. There were absolutely NO local ghoulish horror hosts at all that I remember, just what you'd expect from an agricultural area I suppose. Thanks for the extra info, something we always enjoy from our viewers, keep checking in -

Grant said...

I sympathize with that, being from the Houston area. This area had SOME horror HOSTS, and they were very entertaining, but not a great number of them, and their shows didn't do extremely well. (Not long enough to for a "Zacherley" kind of following, at least.)
The only exception I can name is a local personality named Harold Gunn, who had more than one show that did well.

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