Monday, April 2, 2018

THE CRAZIES / George A. Romero and Pals - 1973

What we gots today is a George Romero tale that goes like this - A biological weapon has been accidentally released in a small town in Pennsylvania (what else is new?!) and bouts of insanity are leading to murder and rioting! Then, the US Army shows up and things go to Hell even faster than expected...

Mostly a pile of no-name actors fill out the cast, making for, well, you know, a lot of crappy, unconvincing acting, and you just hope that they get it first! Spoiler Alert... This is NO NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!!

Things start happening right about here, suddenly, this doctor, who's wearing a gas mask, works on a burned boy at the hospital...

Then, we start seeing Army dudes wearing contamination suits scooting around town in their Jeeps! Used this photo because I like signs at night!

Their job is mainly to round up all the stray townspeople and detain them in schools and government facilities. They even go to the local church and gather up the followers!

I don't care how you cut it, this is NOT scary! There's a lady in the back, sweeping with her broom, and before the scene ends, she's in the foreground sweeping up the fallen bodies!!!

Next up is this scene where Army dudes shoot this mom, then they burn her to death with a flame thrower right in front of her son!

Here're two shots showing the fear and turmoil of the students and teachers as panic sets in about the situation. Just check out the looks on all the faces of the extras, it's anything but fear and panic! I see a freakin' peace sign!.. Hilarious!! Producers must have been pulling their hair out, they even paid the little shits for that shit!! We'll fix it in post, right?!

Far ouuut, man!..

I don't know, there just seems to be something wrong in these two photos...

Whenever you make a low budget horror movie, it's always good to get some arty shots in!

Okay, so... This is how I felt after 10 minutes into the story!

Okay, so... I don't drink, but, this is how I felt after getting this far into it!!

Everything just gets bonkers...

Back to the show, dude throws the people he's killed into the basement... Nigh-tee-o!

What the Hell, not again!!.. Hey, if you guys can't get serious this time, no one's getting paid!! Yeah, that's right!.. And I swear, YOU!!.. I'll come over there and punch you right in the face!!

It's sad that the movie doesn't even come close to being what it should have been. Anyway, another scratch mark on the old Dungeon wall, we're back on Wednesday with more stuff 4 U

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