Friday, April 13, 2018

BEANY And CECIL In 'Rin-Tin-Can' / Bob Clampett - 1962

Here's Episode 19 of Season 1 from this too fun cartoon show that Eegah!! and I used to watch!

In this episode the gang's watching TV, Willy The Wolf appears on THIS WAS YOUR LIFE, and, he has a sad tale to tell...

Willy was the talk of the town until the big wigs in Hollywood decided that wolves were out and tin dogs were in!.. What the Hell!

Game over, man!!.. Now, Rin-Tin-Can gets all the adoration, not Willy anymore.

So, Willy sneaks onto the set as a tree trunk to hatchet the star, but Rin-Tin-Can is too fast for him and foils the plan. Willy has to pick up the pieces and come up with another angle.

This time, he tries to put a lit bomb in the balloon with RTC while on giant stilts, and you know it'll go very bad for him before it's over!

Next, Willy is tricked into getting in the rocket, just before it's shot into space! Of course they blow it up with him inside!!

He also gets shot full of holes after he goes in the wrong place on a gangster movie set!

Willy ends up in a mound of dirt and finally accepts the fact that his life in Hollywood is over!

So, he comes up with a clever new plan, he'll wear a tin dog suit and become popular again! But alas...

The dog catcher picks him up and takes him away as the gang watches! Okay, we're back tomorrow with some very cool junk for you, check it out... Oh yeah, and, Happy Friday the 13th from The Dungeon Gang!

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KD said...

I had a (late) friend years ago who had Clampett's Cecil the Sea-Serpent tattooed on one arm, and Blaisdell's SHE-CREATURE tattooed on the other.

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