Wednesday, April 25, 2018

SANTO EN EL HOTEL DE LA MUERTE - "Santo In The Hotel Of Death" (1963)

I've admired this poster for years, and now I have finally got to see the movie, and that's just how it works around here. Tonight's Wild Wednesday feature from South of the border is "Santo en el Hotel de la Muerte," or "Santo In The Hotel Of Death!"

Cool poster, cool title, cool movie, even if it was in Spanish with no sub-titles, I dug it just the same!

The music in this pachanga loco was written by the Maestro Enrico C. Cabiati who has 124 composing credits, many of which are for Santo movies!
Here's just a taste of  the hot sauce that Enrico could cook up!

 It's never too soon for a drum solo!


This is just the first of many women who are not going to make it to the end of this movie!

"Got to scrape the shit right off yer shoes!"

I don't think this is what she meant when she said she wanted to check out!

I almost forgot this was a Santo movie, 35 minutes in, and finally Ana Bertha Lepe calls out for some room service from Santo!

Turns out that Santo has been busy thinking about important stuff, like his next match!

 This is seriously one of the strangest shots I've seen lately!

 Subliminal message: I could use a shot of good tequila right about now!

 I don't know about you, but my Tequila of choice these days is Exotico! It's relatively inexpensive, tastes excellente, and has a cool label that goes along with this movie quite nicely!

 Drum roll please!!

 What the heck? Another dead girl? What, is this like a Hotel of Death or something?

Voice on the radio: ¿Qué Pasa?

From my calculations, this is the 24th Santo movie we've delved into! Santo only shows up when he's needed, or when he wants to!

 So, what do you suppose these creepers are peeping at?

 I'll give you one guess!! A room full of senoritas getting ready for bed!

 Is this not the grimiest laboratory you've ever seen? Jeez, hire a maid or something!

 Finally, Santo is unmasked and his real identity is exposed once and for all!! 
 Fake Out, it's not really Santo at all, but some other hombre!

Very effective shot of Santo's car, a cloudy sky, and a pyramid!

Adios amigos! Nos vemos el Sábado!!!

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KD said...

Love the three "dancing girls" (whatever they are doing) on that poster!

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