Monday, April 30, 2018

THE BEES / They Prey On HUMAN FLESH! - 1978

Today we have some vitamin BEE, the story's about corporate smuggling of South American killer bees into the United States, which results in huge swarms of the little pests terrorizing the northern hemisphere! So, a small team of scientists work desperately to destroy the threat, but the bees soon mutate into a super-intelligent species that now threatens the whole world!

It stars John (BLOOD BEAST FROM OUTER SPACE) Saxon, Angel (ALLIGATOR) Tompkins, John (RED ZONE CUBA)) Carradine and Claudio (SANTO IN THE WAX MUSEUM) Brook.

Angel plays Sandra Miller, she's taking some killer bees to her uncle for study but two jerks in the elevator want what's in her case. They take it and get a surprise, a face full of killer bees!

In the meantime, she meets John Norman, her uncle's helper in bee research. He shows her how limber he is, hey, maybe something will come of it... Zoom, zoom, and, away we go!

Rule number 1 in bee keeping is, make sure you have the latest in snappy beekeeping apparel.

Out of nowhere comes huge swarms of killer bees, what in the Hell's going on around here... Anyway?! Filmed in Pasadena.

Uncle Sigmund finally shows up, John tries his best German accent but it ends up being unintentionally funny because it just doesn't work. So, why does he need to be German?

Angel goes out with John to investigate what's going on with those ding-danged bees. They encounter this big old mutant hive that they end up smokin'... Ha ha.

All the fun at a Pasadena parade is shot to shit when more bee swarms show up and sting the crap out of everyone!!.. People are actually dying from the stings!.. GO BEES!!!

At this point in the story, it's time for a little breather... Ahhhhh...

Wake up! Back to the action! Welp, all the scientific brains trying to solve the riddle of the little killers decide to just spray pesticide in the affected areas.

Uncle Sigmund gets a visit by some corporate dildos that don't like what he's up to, so, they shoot his ass!! Uncle gets his revenge when some bees get loose and attack, attack, attack!

The freakin' bees ain't goin' nowhere neither, Nancy! Things are getting worse, in fact, they're blowin' things up and even crashing airplanes!!.. WTF?!!

John and Angel try to tell these idiots in charge (kinda like congress) that the bees have mutated and are able to destroy humanity unless they can live in harmony with humans... I'm lost, what?? Anyway, the dummies want the two thrown out of the meeting.

But, the good old mutant killer bees show up and prove John and Angel's point, surrender you puny humans, or, DIE!!.. Wow, there you go, like clockwork, we're back Wednesday with the start to yet another month full of surprises, here, at The Dungeon!


KD said...

Bwahahahaa! I saw this in a tiny two-screen multiplex theater in San Jose, Cali in 1979, playing a double bill with Ed Hunt's vastly superior, award-winning PLAGUE. While it was a great relief for THE BEES to finally "bee" over, and for PLAGUE to begin, I must say...I do have a real fondness for most anything with Angel Tompkins!

TABONGA! said...

KD - Thanks to your care package to the Dungeon, this is a little title I was able to post today, you're a real pal -

KD said...

I think THE BEES was mostly a comedy-disaster film (emphasis on the comedy), except for the always-lovely Angel Tompkins.

And speaking of Angel...

How can one forget her in the title role in the sexy 1974 exploitation film, THE TEACHER, in which she seduces a nice fellow played by Jay North, previously known for playing DENNIS THE MENACE on TV!? Heck, not long after he appeared in THE TEACHER he went into the Navy! Should we blame his film career detour on Angel?

My longtime friend Ed Hunt's PLAGUE was definitely the better part of that double-feature with THE BEES...except of course for the presence of Angel!

Glad I was able to contribute to the Dungeon! And here, I was afraid I'd be banished forever for sending you this crazy video...

TABONGA! said...

Our Dungeon Brain works like this... We want our site to be the most thorough place on Earth to find Wild 'n' Weird movie reviews, and, without that freaking ad clutter!

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