Monday, April 9, 2018

THE OUTER LIMITS: 'The Invisibles' / Season 1 Episode 19 - 1964

Here we go with another classic episode from this great TV series. This time, some aliens plan to take over the US by recruiting disaffected loners adverse to a normal society. The Invisibles send crab-like parasites that attach themselves to human hosts (like in THE BRAIN EATERS and IT CONQUERED THE WORLD) in order to control them. The recruits are assigned low-level jobs with highly appointed government officials so they can get the parasite in close proximity to them. A US intelligence agent infiltrates the alien organization, but it may be too late!

It all starts here, in an old military barracks, three new recruits are taken to a room at the end of a long, dingy hallway!

In another room there though, something pretty damn interesting is about to happen...

The Invisibles recruiter takes a parasite out, pets it and puts it back in its cage. Then, he goes into an unearthly rant about The Invisibles taking over the world!

John (THE LOST WORLD) Graham Is the attachment supervisor, Don (THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS) Gordon plays Agent Spain and Walter (JACK THE GIANT KILLER) Burke plays the Invisibles recruiter.

At this point in the story, we find out that Spain is a government agent reporting in. He's trying to get to the bottom of what in the Hell's going on!

So, Agent Spain is given the job as a chauffeur for the Governor, but, the General (Neil Hamilton) and his helper, Oliver (Richard Dawson), suspect that Spain is an agent. But, the parasite dies and Spain has to wait for another one to arrive...

The General then goes into his emotional alien diatribe, welcome to Coo-Coo Ville!!

While waiting for the parasite to arrive, Oliver keeps an eye on Spain. Our hero tries to escape at night but his foot gets run over by the General's wife when she arrives at the house. During the confusion, Spain is barely able to speed away in the car...

Spain is to meet with another recruit he has befriended, he hobbles his way to the room.

But, his pal has agreed to set a parasite loose on him, hidden in a suitcase under the bed!

The thing is out and Spain crawls away as fast as he can, which ain't that fast, his foot is horribly damaged!.. Crawl you Mofo!!

The parasite, which growls, puts it into turbo drive and attacks Spain. Luckily, his pal comes to his aid and pulls the thing off and throws it as far away as he can. Then...

The cops shoot it full of lead, putting an end to the current nightmare. We also find out that the government is in hot pursuit of rooting out the Hellish creatures and the Invisibles' Earthly helpers! Phew, I was getting worried!!

Tune in again on Wednesday as we continue down the old Dungeon Trail...


Randall Landers said...

Psst! That's not George Macready. That's Neil Hamilton. :)

TABONGA! said...

Randall - Fixed it, thanks for the heads up!..

Grant said...

Richard Dawson has to be the most surprising actor to spot in an Outer Limits episode (apart from maybe Martin Sheen), but he's very good in it.

KD said...

The character of Mrs. Clarke, the General's wife, is played by the beautiful and regal Dee Hartford, who appeared in several of Irwin Allen's TV episodes.

She was Verda the lady android twice on LOST IN SPACE, Helen of Troy on THE TIME TUNNEL, and she played a scientist on LAND OF THE GIANTS.

Her Helen of Troy on TTT is breathtakingly beautiful, in an episode full of terrific actors, a fine script, and a wonderful music score by the great Leith Stevens (composer for Pal's WAR OF THE WORLDS and WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE).

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