Monday, April 16, 2018

FROM BEYOND / Everything Is Alive... And Hungry! - 1986

Here's another H. P. Lovecraft story from the RE-ANIMATOR gang, this time, a group of scientists have developed a machine called The Resonator, it allows whoever is within its range to see beyond normal perceptible reality. But, when the experiment succeeds, they are immediately attacked by creepy, biting life forms!

It stars Jeffrey (THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS) Combs, Barbara (ROBOT WARS) Crampton, Ted (BASKET CASE 2) Sorel and Ken (DAWN OF THE DEAD) Foree. I actually saw this one when it came out...

After a deadly accident with the Resonator, Crawford Tillinghast (Combs), Dr. Katherine Mc Michaels (Crampton) and Bubba Brownlee (Foree) return to the house where the Resonator is located... Then, they turn it on!

Besides a feeling of euphoria they have, some very strange creatures appear and attack Bubba!

Then, Dr. Edward Pretorius (Sorel), who was killed in the original accident, appears and changes into a slobbering monster. He takes a liking to the female, Dr. Mc Michaels!

Even with the machine off, its influence takes over Mc Michaels sensations. So, what else, she starts feeling super sexy and shocks Bubba when he walks in on her trying to put the make on the damaged Tillinghast.

The machine can come on at any time and if you try to turn it off, well, it shocks the Hell out of you!! A maggot swarm demolishes big Bubba, some sick shit going on around here, man!

Dr. Pretorius has a new trick up his.. err.. you know. Anyway, a weird eyeball pops out of his head. It's a cool psychedelic way of seeing things!..

Instead of seeing this...

You see it like this!.. Far out!

Tillinghast then gets his extra eye! By this time, him and Mc Michaels are out of the house, both undergoing therapy! Later, he feasts on his nurse's eye socket for the halibut!..

Don't ax me, they jus' be crazy!!

Okay, back at the ranch... It's time to rumble, Tillinghast and Pretorius fight it out, but hey, monsters generally beat the crap out of puny humans!

Mc Michaels is feverishly trying to destroy the Resonator but's always in constant danger.

Pretorius has gone totally bonkers and only has a few seconds left to exist...

Our heroine was able to rig up a bomb on the machine, we'll end it here, with 13 seconds left on the timer, just before it goes... KA-FUKIN-BLOOWIE!!!!

Well, that's it today, tune in Wednesday where Eegah!! dares you to check out his cargo!

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KD said...

Saw it in a theater back in the day, too. Quite a bizarre film, part HPL and part softcore S&M porn mebbe? I liked the lighting and photography a lot, still do. Haven't seen this one since the '80s... Thanks for the reminder and the great visuals!

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