Friday, April 27, 2018


I'm throwing you a curved knuckle ball today, well, because, that's the funniest kind we gots in our arsenal... That reminds me, I had a weird dream last night! Anyway, the jokes are all played on Eddie's gang from P9FOS, and, I think they turned out pretty good. You'd probably agree, we could all use a good laff or two on a Friday!!

I would be disturbed if you didn't chuckle a little by now! Personally, I like that last one, cracked me up good when it hit me... Welp, that's another one down, tune in tomorrow when we have another post up!


KD said...

That's IT!!! As of now, your second nickname is CAPTAIN SKIPPY!

TABONGA! said...

Yo KD - I'm pretty sure I could man that helm, especially at my age!.. I had another Captain name picked out, but I forgot it, then Skippy hit me - I thought, wow, that worked out great, mucho besser!

KD said...

Oh, and no need for you to be disturbed (any more than you are already?), as I for one got big chuckles out of all four Plan 9 Chuckle-Pix!

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