Friday, April 20, 2018

BATMAN / Columbia Serial Chapter 3 - The Mark Of The Zombies - 1943

Here's the first appearance of BATMAN in the movies... In this 15 chapter series, the story goes like this... Japanese spymaster Prince Daka operates a covert espionage organization located in Gotham City's Little Tokyo where they turn American scientists into zombie slaves! I chose this chapter because I liked the sound of the title.

This serial stars Lewis (WILD WOMEN OF WONGO) Wilson as Batman / Bruce Wayne, Douglas (died at age 37) Croft as Robin / Dick Grayson, J. Carrol (THE MONSTER MAKER, DRACULA vs. FRANKENSTEIN) Naish as Dr. Daka and Shirley (WORLD WITHOUT END, THE LAND UNKNOWN, IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE) Patterson as Linda Page.

At the end of the last chapter, Batman and Robin go through Hell to save their gal pal Linda Page from the clutches of Dr. Daka's evil henchmen!

So, on to today's story... Dr. Daka can't wait to use his zombie maker on this scientist, he's taken downstairs where all the fun is! That's a cool looking machine, I want one!

After a few minutes in the chamber, our scientist pal is ready to obey his crazed master...

Wow, this looks like a neat place to have some fun. Eegah!! and I would definitely be interested in checking it out for a dime!

It's really quite hilarious to watch this gangster buy a ticket and go on the ride through the Cave Of Horrors!! Thing is, he's using a secret route to report to Dr. Daka. He even has to have his hand x-rayed to assure he's one of the doc's gang before he can access a hidden door!

Okay, here's my WTF! still capture... I don't care how much they paid me as a stunt man, I would never agree to do this one! Again, WTF! This is what happens after Robin knocks this guy through a ceiling window, wow!

At this time, Batman and Robin are protecting this old fart with secrets Dr. Daka wants for some reason. During a scuffle, he calls out for freakin' pizza!! Anyway, he finds a gun and starts blindly shooting, almost killing Batman and Robin, but somehow ends up chasing off the goons!

The costumes look kinda dorky, but, what the Hell, right?!.. Our heroes get a clue and head out for another confrontation... Notice that Robin drives!

Our chapter ends with the doc's guys trying to blow up a bridge and there's an oncoming train!

Of course, Batman gets bonked on the head and is in dreamland there on the tracks!..

So, come back next week to see what happens in chapter 4 - Not really, but, check in tomorrow for more cool junk from The Dungeon Gang!


KD said...

In the mid-'60s during the BATMAN (tv show) craze, they had midnight screenings of these old BATMAN serials! My best friend and my cousins all went with me, and I was the only one still awake when the serials were over!

Randall Landers said...

These early serials really need to be watched. TCM airs them from time to time, and they're quite enjoyable, if a bit dated and even racist.

KD said...

My favorite serials are ATOM MAN VS. SUPERMAN (with Lyle Talbot as Luthor!), and CAPTAIN VIDEO (with Gene Roth as Vultura!). I really like these Columbia serials for their production values and fast pace. The commercial DVDs of both serials are excellent and worth checking out.

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