Friday, April 6, 2018

PUNK VACATION / Windjammer Productions Inc. - 1990

Here we go again with another Friday Freak Out, here at The Dungeon!.. This time, the tranquility of a small California hamlet goes south after a diner owner is brutally murdered by a gang of vicious punks. The eldest daughter vows to get revenge on the punks for killing her dad, but she winds up being abducted by the gang. This leads to an all-out war between the punks and the redneck town residents! Shot in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, released direct to video.

This one stars a big pile of actors with very few credits attached to their names! Roxanne Rogers plays the punk's female leader, Ramrod, and Don Martin (great name!) plays Deputy Sheriff Don.

The story starts here, when an obnoxious punk on a motorcycle tries to harass a diner owner and his daughter. The owner chases the jackass away but him and his buddies come back to deep six the old man and scare the crap out of the daughter who's waiting in a car!

The punks are holed up in a barn on a ranch, they are a sharply dressed motley crew!

After one of the punks is shot, they transfer him to the local hospital where's he's handcuffed to his bed. The guard has his chair where he sits and checks out a women's undies catalog to kill some time!

The diner owner's oldest daughter gets involved, she tries to kill the punk in the hospital room, then goes out and confronts the punks at the ranch! It doesn't go well... One strange thing is, there are two or three punks with European accents! It's just weird.

Deputy Don and his pal Sheriff Virgil break up the party and rescue the undies-clad daughter.

The word is out and the local rednecks show up with their rifles, time for blood!..

They break up into groups, these guys get caught under nets the punks punk them with! It takes like five minutes for them to get out, when, all you'd have to do is lay your goddamn rifle down, idiot, then, simply, remove the net!! Ach du lieber!

These duffuses get punked when they get knocked off half way across the pipe!

These three dudes are pilling their way up a steep incline by a rope tied to a tree, when, another punk cuts the rope! They take quite a tumble!

Here's Ramrod, she kinda gets what she deserves, she gets shot but gets away at the end, Wow, there you have it, I'm done here. Eegah!! etches another notch on the old Dungeon Wall of the Weird tomorrow, don't miss it...

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I'm done here. Eegah!! etches another notch on the old Dungeon Wall of the Weird tomorrow, don't miss it...

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