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PEEPING TOM - "An Adventure Into Terror" (1960)

Time for another Saturday Night Special down here in The Dungeon, and a movie I've been wanting to see for a long time, and it wasn't a disappointment, which is novel, to say the least! "Peeping Tom" was directed by Michael Powell who among his many accomplishments, was the Director for Disney's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment in the movie "Fantasia!"

"Peeping Tom" is a film about a demented tortured soul making a documentary about a demented tortured soul he knows very well, himself! He kills women while filming the whole thing, and then he likes to go out and film stuff like the police investigating the murders! He's a pretty sick puppy!

"Peeping Tom" is filmed brilliantly, and is totally atmospheric like this great shot!

In the 1960's London was swinging in more than one way! This bureaucratic perv needs his special purchase wrapped incognito!

Pamela (Legend Of The Werewolf) Green is a model named Milly! Pamela was a real artist and painter, and was co-creator of a popular magazine called "Kamera." From what I am to understand, these scenes were shot in Pamela's own studio, or she at least had a whole lot to do with the way it all looked!

Susan (The Abominable Dr. Phibes)Travers is the beautiful model that can only be shot as a profile for a very specific reason. Isn't it funny how a person can have such a predominate place on the poster, but isn't even credited in the movie?

The fabulous Karlheinz Böhm is Mark Lewis aka "The Peeping Tom." I like it when they let you know who the evil character is out front, and the movie unfolds to see just how long it takes him to get caught. No suspense here, Mark Lewis is one VERY messed up cat! He's got issues, and issues, and back issues! He's like a collector of problems!

Mark's neighbor Helen who he likes to look in on is having a birthday party! Helen is played by the always great Anna (Bunny Lake Is Missing, Frenzy, The Vault Of Horror) Massey. The swingin' music throughout the film was composed by Brian (Happy Deathday) Easdale!

The building they all live in is Mark's ancestral home. When his Father died, he inherited it, but needed to rent out rooms to be able to afford the upkeep. That's why he is able to have enough room to develop and view his movie projects! Helen drops by for a glass of milk, and Mark allows her to watch some footage that his Father had made. 

Mark was a test subject for his Father's inquires into the subject of fear, and he recorded him on film and tape recorders his whole life!

The books in Mark's library are a living testament to the work of his Dad!

Mark has a different way of dealing with the subject of fear !

In 1981 after working with the Director Ranier Werner Fassbinder, Karlheinz devoted his life to raising money for the poor people of Ethiopia, and in 2003, he was declared an honorary citizen of that country for all his worthwhile contributions!

But as Mark Lewis, the authorities are keeping a pretty close eye on him. I don't know if it's just the way he talks, or his accent, but his affected speech patterns continually reminded me of Peter Lorre in this movie!

This is a great shot that shows you how lonely and alone Mark Lewis was!

Mark's even filming the police that are supposed to be watching him, not the other way around!

Helen, you really don't want to do that, because Mark actually likes you!

For some women, love is more important than the truth! "Stand by your man," I guess!

I won't go so far as to tell you where this relationship and movie are going for those of you who have never seen the "Peeping Tom!!"

But believe me, it was all very well documented by Mark!

Right up until THE END!


docweasel said...

Wow, what a great old blog! Good to see there are still some around. Non-bloggers and casual viewers are unaware of the time and effort it takes to create, archive, resize and code in all these images, links and commentary, even though Blogger makes it easier than the old days when you had to write all the HTML.

Much respect, we have written mini-reviews on movies of every era and genre, although mostly focusing on new releases, since 1996 (the old archive was lost in various moves, it only goes back to 2002 now).

We'd love to feature some articles by you on our blog some time!

btw, I found this site looking for more info on Fang of the Living Dead (Malenka) (1969) and more pics and films including the wonderful, gorgeous actress who plays "Blinka" (Adriana Ambesi, also sometimes credited as Audrey Amber) whom I think outshines Anita Ekberg by far in this movie. My God Italy had some absollutely stunning beauties in movies like this, making them all the more enjoyable. I think the massive cleavage and innuendo much more sexy than the blatant nudity and raw sex of later films. The practical effects (like the death transformation of the head vampire at the end) are great too and sure scary enough when I was a kid watching these Saturday nights on "The Ghoul" (Ghoulardi's successor up in Cleveland, OH, I missed Ghoulardi by about a decade but loved The Ghoul and Big Chuck and Houlihan).

anyway, cheers, love the blog I plan in coming back and reading some of the archives when I have time. That's always the hope of bloggers and reviewers, that their archive is useful and enjoyed long after the posting, and I can assure you it is with me and about 4-5 of my movie-loving friends I've turned on to your blog!

EEGAH!! said...

Wow Doc! Now that's what I call a comment! Your insight into how much work a blog like is was right on. Now I'll have to go check out your work too, but it's so hard to find the time. That's another thing I'm sure you understand perfectly well too. Glad you like it, glad you've told others, root around, and I'm sure you'll find some interesting stuff! Thanx again for the great compliments, "Feature some articles?"
Sure, why not?

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