Saturday, March 3, 2018

HOUSE OF DRACULA and Other Scary Real Estate (1945)

Tonight's Saturday Night Special is "House Of Dracula," a Universal classic from 1945! 
Welcome to The Dungeon! Make yourself at home!

Since "House Of Dracula" is such a classic, I'm just assuming you've probably already seen it three or four times or more, so I don't see any good reason to explain much!

"House Of Dracula" literally screams Universal Studios!

At this point in time, one monster wasn't good enough anymore, so you've got Lon Chaney Jr. as The Wolfman!

Glenn Strange as the Frankenstein monster!

And looking quite dapper, John Carradine as Dracula!

But my favourite without a doubt is Jane Adams as the best looking hunchback nurse on the planet!
Jane was also in "The Brute Man" with Rondo Hatton, and played Vicki Vale in the 1949 version of "Batman and Robin!"

And don't forget El Medico Loco himself, the REAL monster, the mad doctor as played by Onslow (The Monster and the Girl, Them!) Stevens!

So as it turns out there have been a whole slew of "House Of..." scary/horror/mystery movies from 1934 to 1976, and even more since then, and it really does turn into a cluster, so here's what I've come up with. I've not included any movies with "The" as the first word or any other descriptive adjectives, just "House Of...." and even that gets a little obscure because so many of these movies have been released and re-released under different titles.
The first "House Of...." movie I could find came out in 1934, and was called "House Of Mystery!" I know it says "The" on the poster, but supposedly the real title was just "House Of Mystery!"

Next was "House Of Frankenstein" in 1944, followed by "House Of Dracula" in 1945! 

Next was "House Of Horrors" with Rondo Hatton in 1946! What a krazy poster!

In 1953 we got the classic 3D movie "House Of Wax, and next was "The Two Faces Of Dr. Jekyll" that came out in 1960, and was later released as "House Of Fright!" Also in 1960 was the Roger Corman version of "House Of Usher." In 1963 there was a Mexican movie that translated as "House Of Frights!" Also in 1963, "House Of The Damned" featuring Dungeon hero Richard Kiel came out. This movie also had Lon Chaney Jr. and John Carradine in it together again some 28 years later! In 1965, Jerry Warren released his next P.O.S. titled "House of Black Death!" Then there was "House Of 1000 Dolls" in 1967. Pretty amazing how many of these films have Vincent Price in them! In 1968 there was "House Of Evil" with Boris Karloff!

Then in the 70's, it gets weird, and the bottom drops out of the whole real estate market! Here are some of the reasons I never want to be a landlord! In 1970, the Barnabas Collins feature "House Of Dark Shadows," in 1971 "House Of Insane Women" and I know it says "The" on that handbill,  but it really didn't have "The" in the title! It was also released as "House Of Doom!"

In 1972 "House Of Crazies" escaped the "Asylum!" In 1973, there was "House Of The Living Dead! In 1974 there was "House Of Exorcism," and "House Of Whipcord!"

And just in case "House Of Insane Women" wasn't bad enough for you, the Spaniards came out with "House Of Psychotic Women" in 1976!!

This is a killer poster for "House Of Dracula!

I made you some wallpaper of what you get if you search for Dwrayger Dungeon House! There are also buttloads of movies from the same period out there with names like "House On Bare Mountain," "The House That Would Not Die," "House On The Edge Of The Park," "House On Haunted Hill," "The Haunted House Of Horror," and "Terror In The Haunted House" etc. etc. The list is almost endless if you really need a place to stay!

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KD said...

Haven't seen this one since Chiller Theater with "Chilly Billy" in the '60s. That's where I managed to catch most of the Universal monster flicks...when I was actually allowed to stay up 'til the wee hours!

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